KidneyCell FAQ

Over 30,000,000 Americans suffer of chronic kidney disease

What products is KidneyCell developing?
  1. KidneyCell = non-invasive bioelectric stimulation for kidney recovery 
  2. KidneyCell Plus Lite Biologics = bioelectric stimulation + PRF and regenerative fluid (exosomes OR amniot fluid) therapy for kidney recovery 
  3. KidneyCell Plus Full Biologics = bioelectric stimulation + stem cells + 14 support factors for kidney regeneration delivered via implantable bioelectric stimulator and re-fillable infusion pump with pacing infusion catheter directed to kidneys. 
  4. KidneyCell Plus Second Heart Assist = bioelectric stimulation + full biologics + Second Heart Assist circulatory assist wireless powered aortic stent pump placed in aorta just above renal arteries. 
What are the primary KidneyCell mechanisms of action?
Bioelectric produced SDF1 and PDGF for stem cell homing and proliferation and kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric produced klotho for kidney regeneration  
Bioelectric produced EGF for kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric produced Follistatin for kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric produced COL17A1 for kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric produced HGF for kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric produced Tropoelastin for kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric produced HIF1a for kidney regeneration 
Stem cells (any or all from list) for kidney regeneration including hypoxia treated MSCs, adipose derived cells, urine derived kidney stem cells, placenta, amniotic membrane and umbilical cord cells, endothelial progenitor cells  
Growth factor cocktail gel for kidney regeneration –
Selected alkaloids for kidney regeneration 
Klotho soluble for kidney regeneration 
Exosomes for kidney regeneration 
Micro RNA gel for kidney regeneration 
Amniotic fluid for kidney regeneration 
Oxygenated nanoparticles 
Stromal fraction from adipose tissue for kidney regeneration 
Bioelectric treated PRF for kidney regeneration
Matrix for kidney regeneration 
Nutrient hydrogel for kidney regeneration 
Wharton’s Jelly for kidney regeneration